Hello friends! I wanted to give you a little musical article and share my tastes. And right away, the first musical style I wanted to tackle was country music! Country music is one of my favorite musical styles, and it’s a must-see style in the United States.

I like the country because it is the right spirit, that it sounds really well and you can often dance to it! We’re not in a real dance demonstration; we’re in a sharing moment where nobody judges anybody.

As for my country preferences, I am more sensitive to the “happy” country than to ” sad ” country, although there are some very nice country walks… I listen to country because it makes me smile. I also prefer the voices of men, the more serious timbres or with this very pronounced accent that gives the impression that one sings by the nose.

My preferences are inevitably reflected in my ranking, which is, therefore, a ranking based solely on my tastes. The ranking consists mainly (except an artist, I let you discover which one ), of the current country and is realized in random order.

Luke Bryan – All my Friends, says

Luke Bryan began his career in the 2000s. He is now a well-known and popular singer in the current country scene.

“All my Friends says” is probably the artist’s favorite song. It is a catchy song that is easy to listen to.  The latter is one of its greatest successes. She reached number five on the U.S. Hot Country Songs chart in 2007.

Alan Jackson – Good Time

A song perfect to start a line dance, a small choir country! By the way, if you’re going through saloons or country dance clubs, you’ve probably already danced on them!

Alan Jackson peaked in popularity in the ‘ 90s. I love his kind cowboy look! He’s incorporating honky-tonk into his music. The honky-tonk is a variation of country; it often addresses lighter topics and is made to party!

Florida Georgia Line – Get your Shine on

Florida Georgia Line is a band composed of two young men, Bryan and Tyler. And as the name of the band indicates, one is from Florida and the other from Georgia. I like this band that I knew as many people, with their title “Cruise”. But the song that stays in my playlist is “Get your Shine on”. Another positive song like I likes them.

Johnny Cash – I Walk the Line

Here we find a real country legend! Even when we’re not interested in this musical style, we’ve usually heard the name of Johnny Cash. The so-called “Men in Black” died in 2003 in Nashville because of its dark character and dark clothing.

He wrote the song “I Walk the Line” for his first wife, Vivian. This title is one of the artist’s flagship titles. This song is my favorite because it’s the perfect image of the old cowboy.

Brad Paisley – Letter to me

I told you, I’m not a very sweet song in the country, but I think this one is very beautiful!

Brad Paisley is very popular with American country fans. It is recognized as one of the best in the current country. I don’t know if you’re watching this, but he made several appearances on the ” Nashville “series.

Maddie & Tae – Shut up and Fish

A young female duo made up of two pretty blondes, Madison and Taylor. They sing, write their songs and play guitar. Not bad! They do country pop.

“Shut up and Fish” wasn’t a big hit on the American charts, but it’s the song I like best about their band. I heard it once, and it hit me right in the head!

George Strait – I Saw God Today

The second sweet song of the top, a touching song that tells the story of a man upset by the birth of his daughter. This new little life gives him faith in life and God. Americans are often quite religious, and the classic country, at its core, often touches on the subjects of family and religion.

George Strait was voted “Best Country Artist” at the 2014 Country Music Awards. Some also call it The “King of Country”.

Kenny Chesney – No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems

We’re not really in classic country; I’d say it’s Sun country! Is there such a thing? That’s how I’d sum up this song! One hears country sounds but also sounds rather “music of the islands”. I like the mixture of the two; it is relaxing. A margarita, a chaise longue, a cowboy hat and “, no problems “.

The singer is a Caribbean lover where he spends part of his time, so it influenced his music. I think he’s perfectly integrated that influence into country music. Her voice, rather particular to the country style, makes that the identity of the latter remains present.

Alan Jackson – It’s Five O’clock Somewhere

“It’s Five O’clock somewhere” could even be part of my top 3! I listen to this song when I want to listen to something that makes me smile! This song is full of good energies! She reminds me of the holidays. I first heard it at the Jimmy Buffett restaurant in Margaritaville, a large hotel complex in Hollywood Beach, Florida (actually a chain of hotels). This song has become, in a way, a hymn to this place! It even crosses borders, since I saw this sentence written in a bar in Paris, not long ago.

Blake Shelton feat Trace Adkins – Hillbilly Bone

I used to think of Blake Shelton as Gwen Stephani’s companion. But by taking a little more interest, I discovered a good country singer! It can also be seen as a jury in the American version of ” The Voice “.

Otherwise “Hillbilly Bone” is a great country song! Also, with the voice of Trace Adkins, the song is even better! The latter has a very low and hoarse voice! I love this kind of stamp!

So, this is the last song on the top! We ride on his horse; we spin his assault! Yeeeeee haw!