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– which for most of us means time off with the family; beer, barbeque, one last jump in the lake–but for others (We- the- band) means time on the road; beer, beef jerky, and yeah, we’ll go ahead and take one more jump in the lake ourselves…

BUSY week ahead:

–On Thursday, August 28th, I’ll be joining up with old friend Bill Ward for his “presents” series down at favorite-digs the LAKEVIEW HOTEL in lovely Mayville (Mayberry) NY. I believe Mr Ward plays a bit, then yours truly plays a bit. We play original music and maybe just a few classics. LAKEVIEW HOTEL offers up some fine eats and serves on tap some of my favorite beers from Lakewood’s own Southern Tier Brewery.

Show starts at 6pm. Out on the patio. It’s FREE

smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em .

–On Friday, the band and I scoot just a ways further north to the KELLEY HOTEL in Ripley NY. Nestled in the heart of the largest planting of Concord grapes on the planet, I’m sure the air will have a nice hint of Mad Dog 20-20 riding on the breeze (Mogen-David is right down the road). We’re gonna be outside, lake-in-view. Hell, we really might go for a swim.

Show starts at 9:30 pm

visit For more details

–On Saturday, me and the fella’s will be returning to one of Ohio’s biggest dancehalls, the DUSTY ARMADILLO in Rootstown. BIG Dance floor, BIG Sound system, BIG FUN.

Show starts at 9pm. $5 cover.

visit For more info

and then….

–On Sunday, August 31st, I’ll be performing solo back down at Lakeside Park in Mayville, NY as part of a benefit for the WCA Cancer Center. I’m on at 1:30pm

and from Chautauqua Lake I’ll be heading back north to the shores of Lake Erie for one last party-on-patio at WINDJAMMERS at the CLARION in Dunkirk, NY. Last time we were there it was cold, raining sideways–did I mention we’re outside?—not to mention Thursday, and we still packed the place. This time the show starts at 4pm; I’m guaranteeing sunshine, cold Canadian beer, and to quote John Prine, “lot’s of hot Italian chicks.”

There is no cover. Yes you can smoke .



p.s. A few reminders:

–you can view our appearance at CMT’S “Unplugged at 330″ by clicking HERE

–my new CD “Long Way From Slowin’ Down” is DONE. Awaiting mass-production, final packaging. However, I WILL have collectors edition pre-release copies available only in person while they last.

–you can download selections from the new CD right here:


–Tuesday: SPORTSMENS TAVERN, Buffalo, NY

–Thursday, LAKEVIEW HOTEL, Mayville, NY

–Friday, MEL’S PLACE, Falconer, NY

–Saturday, MERRIT ESTATE WINERY, Forestville, NY

–Sunday, LAKEVIEW HOTEL, Mayville, NY


Garageband, GAC, New CD etc….

Okay so I don’t have a gig to pimp out this week…

For once.

But since I am a one-man label and a shameless self-promoting machine, it is my duty to inform the faithful subscriber that my song “SOUTHERN IN YER SOUL” (co-written with Canadian CCMA Songwriter of the year  Deric Ruttan ) has been chosen as Country “song of the week” over at

cool enough

even cooler is the fact that if you go to the site you can download ‘SOUTHERN IN YER SOUL” Absolutely FREE.

For this week only.

After that you can help subsidize the price of a tank of gas and do yer part to help keep the SpMcG show on the road by downloading this and a plethora of other songs of mine at

or at itunes

In other news:

‘ROCKSTAR’ from my CD “Songs for Saturday Night” is currently in 8th place in the GAC “Next GAC Star” Competiton being held at

8th doesn’t suck, but to quote Ricky Bobbe “If you ain’t first yer last…”

So why don’t y’all take a minute and click on this link?

and do some VOTING.

‘ROCKSTAR’ pops up about 5 songs deep in the head-to-head competition

I don’t know what the winner gets

Don’t really care

I’m just here for the beer…


And lastly

for waay too long now people have buggin’ me about when I was gonna make another CD.

I have an answer

VERY soon

The studio time is booked and the artwork is compiled and the songs are all written and I even have an order with the duplicator folks…

I’m shooting for September.

We’ll let ya know when you can start making advance orders

we (I ) thank you for yer support

peace and love





Hey all

spreading the word that I’ll be making an appearance in Nashvegas this week. Good friends KINGBILLY host the party at 12th and PORTER this Thursday, June 26th at 8pm. Former Little Texas vocalist Brady Seals will also be on hand.

 If You haven’t seen KINGBILLY you don’t know what you’re missing. These guys are the real deal.

“KINGBILLY is your Friend” happens the last Thursday of the month, every month, at 12th and Porter Playroom, Nashville.

In other news

VOTE for me at GAC’s Next Big Star

and my song “Southern In Yer Soul” is being featured as “Song of the Week” at


Buffalo, Bluefield, etc…

There is NO cover

They’ve got Labatt’s and Genny on tap.

Despite earlier reports, we will NOT be filming tomorrow.  A big chunk of studio time got scheduled by another client and we’ll have to wait til next time.  

either way, we love the SPORTSMENS and I’m sure a great time will be had.

p.s.  We may not be filming live at the SPORTMENS for awhile yet, but our CMT appearance on “Sessions at 330″ should be edited by the middle of June.  Watch for details.


This Fri/Sat we’ll be truckin’ on down to Bluefield, WV for our first ever appearance at COWBOY UP.  From their website this looks like a real rockin’ joint.  Visit   For more info

ONE more thing.  Please don’t forget to support Joe Dalimonte in hid ride for Roswell.   To contribute visit    Click “donate” in the search participant box enter “Joseph Dalimonte.” Then be generous.

Peace and good health



Continued Toby Keith dates

We continue to tough it out this week  on Toby Keith’s America’s Toughest Tour!!

Thursday July 30-Memphios,TN.

Friday July 31-Kansas City,MO.

Saturday Aug 1-Dallas,TX.

**for more gigs with Toby in August,visit EVENTS page**


Tornado season……

So it was raining pretty good when I woke up at say six am this morning and I’m like NOT again…between all the out door shows we’ve done (it’s rained for ALL but ONE) me getting my cycle license in the pouring crud..i’ve really just had about enough of this summer that ain’t a summer.  But it clears up by 8am and I go do some work in the studio and get done by ten-thirty and get outta dodge and on the road to Memphis—well not exactly Memphis, but Mississippi just outside of Mmephis, and It sprinkles a lil bit on the way here but no big deal and I get to the venue at about 3oclock and it’s muggy and partlt sunny and I do some last minute packing at my trucka dn get ready to go for a run when it starts raining again and no biggie it’s just a lil rain and then the tornado sires starts going off and that merits a walk to the stage area and the guys are all in the trailer with the guitars and the sky is getting dark na dit starts raining a lil bit and thena lil bit more and the wind is picking up and the siren is blaring…..


I’ve never seen a tornado before.  I’ve been in pretty close proximity to one in Nashvilleyears ago and had one come right by my moms house years before that—but I’ve never seen one. 


Well, the wind and the rain really get to pickin’ up and there’s water comi’ off the roof like you wouldn’t believe and then it starts to calm down and not rain so much.  The sky lightens up but at the same time, in the distance there’s these white clouds that are starting to circle and the tornado siren is going agaian and first Trace comes out of his trailer and takes a look—you usually won’t find him hanging around backstage– and everybody is clustered up under the stage cover and the rain starts coming down real good again and people are grabbing camers and taking pistures of those white clouds and I’m thinkin’ “where the hell are we all going to take cover?”—we’re all in trailers and trucks and the only permanent structure is the catering building which don’t look to me like it would save my ass in a tornado and I’m looking at the little pit below the trailer at the loading dock and wondering if a tornado could throw a semi?  And I’m thinking YES if  it’s empty or only partly loaded like ours and now Toby Keith himself is out on the loading dock checking out those white clouds and they ain’t exactly forming a funnel cloud, but the wind is really starting to move in a circular direction AROUND and I’m like “holy SHIT, we’re in the middle of this thing,” and Toby and Trace both go walking out in the direction of the white clouds,


 “that’s why they call it America’s toughest Tour,”


says Jimmy and I’m looking at the guys and Lizzy and I’m like, “I think we should find shelter, and me and Lizzy and Jimmy walk down to the catering building  and the rain really starts coming down and the wind really starts moving and now I’m soaked.  And we hang out until it starts to calm some and I decide I’m hungry and why get killed in a Tornado on an empty stomach? I’m thinkin’ so I go inside and have some supper and the siren is still going off and everybody is still huddling by the window watching out side and I say to Jimmy “If you hear a collective OH SHIT from those guys it means we should get under the table.”


But we manage to make it through dinner and finally the siren stops and for a minute so does the rain and I’m wondering under what conditions do they go ahaead and cancel these shows—how bad does it have to get?—and now the rain is starting again as I site here in the trailer writing this and I’m thinking there must be power out somewhere ‘cause I lost my internet and then it’s on again and now it’s really raining again and if we were to go ahead with the show tonight I’m thinking we’ll be at least a lil bit behind schedule===it’s six-thirty, they usually start letting folks in about now.  The stage is probably half taken down, half wrapped in plastic.  There’s been no sound check.  I’m soaking wet, I’m actually COLD —hard to believe I’m in Memphis and it’s almost August.    Rumor has it they just cancelled at least OUR portion on the show.

Oh well.  I guess we can always use an unscheduled night off once in awhile/