Garageband, GAC, New CD etc….

Okay so I don’t have a gig to pimp out this week…

For once.

But since I am a one-man label and a shameless self-promoting machine, it is my duty to inform the faithful subscriber that my song “SOUTHERN IN YER SOUL” (co-written with Canadian CCMA Songwriter of the year  Deric Ruttan ) has been chosen as Country “song of the week” over at

cool enough

even cooler is the fact that if you go to the site you can download ‘SOUTHERN IN YER SOUL” Absolutely FREE.

For this week only.

After that you can help subsidize the price of a tank of gas and do yer part to help keep the SpMcG show on the road by downloading this and a plethora of other songs of mine at

or at itunes

In other news:

‘ROCKSTAR’ from my CD “Songs for Saturday Night” is currently in 8th place in the GAC “Next GAC Star” Competiton being held at

8th doesn’t suck, but to quote Ricky Bobbe “If you ain’t first yer last…”

So why don’t y’all take a minute and click on this link?

and do some VOTING.

‘ROCKSTAR’ pops up about 5 songs deep in the head-to-head competition

I don’t know what the winner gets

Don’t really care

I’m just here for the beer…


And lastly

for waay too long now people have buggin’ me about when I was gonna make another CD.

I have an answer

VERY soon

The studio time is booked and the artwork is compiled and the songs are all written and I even have an order with the duplicator folks…

I’m shooting for September.

We’ll let ya know when you can start making advance orders

we (I ) thank you for yer support

peace and love