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Day Four on the Jager COUNTRY TOUR w/ ERIC CHURCH

So we drove all night from Boston after the last show at House of Blues. Somebody (let’s say Randy Hofgren) had some dental issues that needed to be addressed after a month of travel and no time for dentistry–and that person (again, let’s say Randy Hofgren) had an appointment in Jamestown NY at 9am… And so we got back to WNY and I crashed most of the day and I would have like to played Hockey last night with the guys, and I write this thinking maybe the guys will read this and not be so stingy with their damned ice time…(you know who you are. it’s not like I don’t pass the puck).


getting geared up right now to head to Chicago–or at least Cleveland by tonight–to rejoin the JAGER COUNTRY TOUR w/ ERIC CHURCH. Hope the weather allows us–it’s getting pretty bad right now–it’s been an awesome trip on the JAGER wagon thus far: nothing like playing to BIG, appreciative crowds. We LOVE Chicago. Snow or not, here we come!!!!


Thank you Eric Church!!


Sean Patrick McGraw – New Music Weekend

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“In 2003 Sean Patrick McGraw responded to the cattle-call auditions of USA Networks “Nashville Star” winning the regional competition a the Wildhorse Saloon, yet enjoying only a brief stint on the televised portion of the series. In the wake of much local news coverage, McGraw began touring in earnest around the radius of his hometown in upstate New York, venturing first to Southern Ontario, Pennsylvania and Ohio and eventually throughout the US, Canada, and the UK.

Sean Patrick When a Dollar Ain’t Worth a Dime
A lot of people should be able to relate to this song with how the economy is right now. People are struggling to make ends meet and are at the point of doing just about anything to make that happen. “If a man don’t turn to Jesus, he’ll turn to crime, when a dollar ain’t worth a dime.” In the music video you will see quite a few signs with what people are going through and how they feel, such as debt, alienated, burdened, bankrupt, cut backs, lost wages, stressed. Sean couldn’t have came out with this song at a better time.

You can catch Sean Patrick McGraw out on the road with Eric Church and Josh Thompson on the Jagermeister Tour.”

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CMTT Jager Tour Correspondent

It’s official! I’m Country Music Tattle Tale’s official correspondent for this leg of the Jagermeister Country Tour!

“Ever want to know what it was like to go on tour?  Even better….ever wanna know what it is like to be on the Jagermeister Tour with the likes of Eric Church and Josh Thompson?  Well look no further….Sean Patrick McGraw is coming to your rescue and will be Country Music Tattle Tale’s Official Correspondent from the road for the next few weeks.

Sean will be brining us video diaires, blog posts and personal stories to share with CMTT readers.  If you have any questions you want him to answer or anything you want to know send them to .”

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Jager Country Tour

So of course the Jager Country Tour started off with a bang. We met up with Eric Church and Josh Thompson in Clifton Park, a small town outside of Albany NY last Friday, straight to a sold out show. And it may have sucked to leave Key West in the winter to hit the road up north but when your getting out in front of packed houses it’s way worth it. Judging form the crowd response and the CD’s we sold I’d call that first gig a huge success: we came, we saw, we rocked…we did shots with the Jagerettes. It was one of those nights when we all kept saying, “man, I love this …” And of course the hang was great. MC Rick Monroe’s just a regular guy, Josh Thompson and his band were cool and Eric Church rocked the house.

Niagara Falls was another awesome night close to home-so sorry that some-maybe most of our friends didn’t make it inside until our set was over. I think the venue Rapids Theater-while a really nice place-has some glitches to work out, and I’m sure they will. Nice venue.

It was Sunday in Philly that really found my band in the groove. Playing at the Trocodero Theater, a quaint old opera house in the heart of China town, we had a big crowd that was on our side from the first chord, and with Josh Thompson off for the night we had a full 45min to play. Made LOT’S of new friends at this one. Great room, great crowd, awesome VIP hang afterward. Thank you PHILLY.

Last night was Boston. I expected the crowd to be subdued on a Monday. Such was not the case. Again we played to a capacity crowd. The band rocked, the hang was awesome, the drive back to Buffalo through the night was the only part I didn’t love. Thank you House of Blues. We can’t wait to come back.

We were added to the Chicago (Thursday) show today. More news form the JAGER COUNTRY TOUR with Eric Church as it happens